We bring technology and business together

We are experts in technology strategy and efficiency in intralogistics asset management.

Today’s high volatility demands disruptive, flexible and, above all, implementable technology strategies. We have experience in all these aspects.

We turn data into useful information in order to meet known needs in intralogistics, based on our extensive experience in the industry.


Business-oriented technology consultancy

We evaluate the technology level of your company, with a view to proposing more efficient solutions, solving problems, and helping you meet your goals.

Experts in material handling

We work with you to identify the shortcomings in your processes and turn them into strengths through bespoke technology solutions.

Business know-how with more than 25 years of aggregate experience in the intralogistics sector

Each company has its own situation, and therefore requires tailor-made solutions.

We strive to find the best team for your project, often fostering unusual partnerships

We guarantee technological alignment with your business, and optimal use of your intralogistics assets.

Service ecosystem to manage intralogistics assets throughout their life-cycle

  • Service tailored to your business needs.
  • Multi-asset and multi-brand.
  • For the whole value chain: OEM, distributors, maintainers, end users.

What can we offer you?

We work with you to analyse the direction of your company and both its current and its coveted strategic positioning, all with a view to defining and implementing a suitable strategic plan.

We work on a project basis, with start and end points, measuring impact with appropriate indicators.

The solution to challenges is closer than you think. We have an extensive collaboration network, always recruiting the most suitable partner for your needs.

We won’t just leave you in the boat with the map. We are committed to developing and delivering your projects.

Simply reaching the shore is not enough. Innovation comes to its climax when it reaches those who need it: people, markets, and processes. We have experience in technology sales, and innovative business models that are ready help you.


Digital platforms

To provide maximum efficiency, these must solve specific needs and, above all, be interoperable with existing systems.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Technologies that open the door to a world of visualisation. The imagination to innovate.

Artificial Intelligence

This is an increasingly important way to improve resource operating efficiency.

Internet of Things

Knowing how to collect relevant information and turn it into knowledge is gold for businesses in today’s world.

Everything at IZURUN TECHNOLOGY has a clear goal: to have an impact on your business

Providing innovation that achieves optimal results and positioning requires understanding of your company’s current situation in its environment.

Our hallmarks are our dual vision and customer-oriented attitude.

Samuel Sevillano, with extensive experience in marketing and sales, and Pablo Pedrós, with extensive experience in engineering and R&D, co-founders of IZURUN TECHNOLOGY.

"IZURUN demonstrated a very extensive analytical and consulting capacity, covering most of the different business management processes. Dynamic, flexible and experienced, they have been a strategic partner in our business plan"

"We selected IZURUN due to their deep knowledge in intralogistics business and their innovative mindset.
We are now a more efficient company being focused in the key processes that really add value in our very specific business set up."

"Working with IZURUN has been very rewarding, generating greater added value for our processes.
We are currently immersed in several investment projects and with the solutions provided by Izurun we will improve the management and traceability of the goods in our terminal as well as preserving our assets, increasing their useful life and improving their environmental impact by using advanced preventive and predictive maintenance tools"

Latest news

B Venture – Bilbao Ports

On 18 October 2022, Izurun Technology had the opportunity to talk about MyPlantManager at B-venture.

Emilio Moro Award and pilot project

Izurun Technology won the "End Customer Knowledge" Challenge launched by Bodegas Emilio Moro in 2021.

Ports 4.0 Grant

My Plant Manager was one of the projects awarded the "Ports 4.0" Fund grant.

My Plant Manager project awards and funding


MyPlantManager relates to an intralogistics assets digital twin with a focus on end users, where digital services will help increase productivity and improve efficiency in operation and maintenance processes in port environments. This project has been selected from among over 300 applications.


Working alongside Euskadi Mobility and Logistics Hub and a partner from Romania, we have validated a practical case of MyPlantManager for the intralogistics sector. Simulation, augmented reality and condition-based maintenance technologies have all been applied.


The HAZITEK project has allowed IZURUN TECHNOLOGY to complete the first phase of the MyPlantManager platform, carrying out research into asset simulation technologies and IoT monitoring devices.

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