We bring business and technology together

We are your strategic partner for innovation and technological development

01 Analysis

We study the specific characteristics of our clients’ business environment: competitors analysis, market analysis, industry trends…  and the company's internal situation together with its value chain.

02 Strategy

We define with you the company technological strategic plan and a set of projects to be executed aligned with the selected innovation strategy.

03 Setup

We assign a suitable team for each project among our wide network of partners. We take care of each project planning and, if needed, we help in financing it as well.

04 Execution

We do not stay in theory; we deliver. We finalize complete turnkey projects together with our clients whatever it takes.

We have a lot of experience creating technological products and services in collaboration with research centers, universities and startups.

05 Business

Innovation culminates when it reaches those who need it. We also help in the start-up and commercialization of innovative products and services.

We have extensive experience in launching new disruptive business models within an open innovation scheme.

"90% of business strategies fail due to a poor execution".

David Norton.
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