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IZURUN TECHNOLOGY brings technology and business together, helping speed up your innovation processes through project-based collaboration throughout the life-cycle.

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Who we are

Samuel Sevillano

Master Industrial Engineer and EMBA (HEC) with over 13 years’ experience in management positions. Develops highly differing areas in a company.

Understands international markets, with extensive experience in driving international business strategy to success.

International negotiation skills acquired over 8 years in China and numerous international business trips.

Experience in building up a company from scratch. Firm believer in people as the most important asset in the success of an organisation.

Pablo Pedrós

Master industrial engineer with extensive experience in managing teams and developing engineering projects for a range of industries, with a special focus on lifting equipment (cranes, automation systems and warehouses).

More than 12 years’ experience in management positions in the field of Engineering and R&D, leading projects in partnership with startups and technology centres.

Experienced in drawing up technology- and innovation-based plans in order to ensure continuous improvement.

Highly motivated to achieve goals, customer-focused attitude and collaborative spirit.


Digital platforms

To provide maximum efficiency, these must solve specific needs and, above all, be interoperable with existing systems.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Technologies that open the door to a world of visualisation. The imagination to innovate.

Artificial Intelligence

This is an increasingly important way to improve resource operating efficiency.

Internet of Things

Knowing how to collect relevant information and turn it into knowledge is gold for businesses in today’s world.

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